Teri (qnotku) wrote,

It's been one of those millenia already. Can I go back a few years and get a do over? No? Well, crap. I was afraid of that. :grumble, grumble: :bitch, whine, moan:

Looks like surgery will be in my future sometime soon. This is not a bad thing, since I've needed it for quite a long time and am only, finally, being able to get it. More on that later, when it happens.

Thanks to everyone who sent me a manuscript from my Editor ISO post. I promise I'll get back with you as soon as I can. I wish I could promise you all a contract, but I can't. What I will promise, if I don't accept your manuscript, is why I didn't accept it. That's about as good as it gets, folks. I know the serious writers out there will understand.

The granddaughter unit is doing really really well. She's been spending a lot of time over at mostlynormal1's house -- hanging out with the kids that live around Pammie and going to the pool and church with Pam and her family. It's done her a world of good too -- she's improved so much from how she was when we brought her back from Ohio.

It's odd -- I've been thinking about lost friends lately. Folks that I either lost contact with because I moved away or other friends that drifted apart because either their lives changed or someone new came into their lives and they had no room for their old friends. That's sad when that happens, don't you think? No matter - I wish them all well.

Not long now till Dragon*Con. YAY!!!!

huggles and smoochles to all my lovely f-list,
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