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Because I *am* the QNotKU (and you're not)

It's been one of those millenia already. Can I go back a few years…


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It's been one of those millenia already. Can I go back a few years and get a do over? No? Well, crap. I was afraid of that. :grumble, grumble: :bitch, whine, moan:

Looks like surgery will be in my future sometime soon. This is not a bad thing, since I've needed it for quite a long time and am only, finally, being able to get it. More on that later, when it happens.

Thanks to everyone who sent me a manuscript from my Editor ISO post. I promise I'll get back with you as soon as I can. I wish I could promise you all a contract, but I can't. What I will promise, if I don't accept your manuscript, is why I didn't accept it. That's about as good as it gets, folks. I know the serious writers out there will understand.

The granddaughter unit is doing really really well. She's been spending a lot of time over at mostlynormal1's house -- hanging out with the kids that live around Pammie and going to the pool and church with Pam and her family. It's done her a world of good too -- she's improved so much from how she was when we brought her back from Ohio.

It's odd -- I've been thinking about lost friends lately. Folks that I either lost contact with because I moved away or other friends that drifted apart because either their lives changed or someone new came into their lives and they had no room for their old friends. That's sad when that happens, don't you think? No matter - I wish them all well.

Not long now till Dragon*Con. YAY!!!!

huggles and smoochles to all my lovely f-list,
  • I'd much rather wait a few months for a "why not" so I have something to fix or a better idea of what you want than wait a week for a form "Doesn't fit our editorial needs." Have fun at Dragon*Con and best of luck with everything else!
  • ((((((Teri))))))

    I'm glad you were feeling well enough to post something. It always makes my day to see one of your posts on my friends lists. Esp. a Monday when I'm back at work. :oP

    You know, being military brats you would think we'd get used to saying good-bye to people and to having to let people "go". But that really isn't the case, is it? I imagine we handle it better than those who have been surrounded by the same familiar faces for their whole lives. But still, it's always wrenching to have people fade in and out of the scenery of our life.

    Wow, now I'm feeling all chatty. I think I'll post the rest of this thought in my own lj.

    Hugs to you and SJ. You're constantly in my thoughts. Thanks again, so much, for letting Bree be with us as much as you have. She truly brings joy to our family. But that isn't a surprise to me at all. You've been bringing joy to my life for 8 years now. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?? (No, tree220, not you. LOL.)

    Hope you keep feeling better and better today. Give me a call around noon, if you're feeling up to it.

    • Re: ((((((Teri))))))

      *thinks Pammie and Teri have been hitting the booze again and not sharing*
    • Re: ((((((Teri))))))

      What's the schedule for you and Bree-bear today? She's got her usual Monday night fencing class. You want to hang around afterwards and get a Riesling headache? *g* I'm up for it tonight.
      • OOooooooooooooooo....

        I'd love to have a glass of Riesling, but I do have to go to work tomorrow, so no over-doing it for me this time. It'll be good to see you, though!
        • Re: OOooooooooooooooo....

          Didn't see this until after I got home. Hope the cider was OK. See you soon! Hugs,
  • well they finally got you up on the guest list page (but not SJ). there are four people between you and Kevin Sorbo . . . wanna bump them off so you can be next to him?
  • Hiya Sweetie

    Considering how I dance in and out of people's lives, I totally understand how you are feeling when you say that it is a shame when you lose contact. But being healthily detatched, I find that those whose lives I would be part of and those who would be part of mine... well we just make/take time to ensure it happens.

    If I drift away from people it isn't because I don't care, or that I don't like them anymore. Sometimes the flow of life just pulls us away from one another and it is just that way. I absolutely adore you, and yet, we are no where as close as we were 3-5 years ago. It is not with bitterness that I think of you, but it is the joy I have had and do have in knowing you.

    You have left fingerprints upon who I am. I suspect I might have left one or two as well. Nothing makes me smile more than finding those prints and remembering why they are there.

    No, this doesn't mean that I am not coming here anymore, but I have drifted out of enough lives to know that it is just who and what I am. Embrace me today, for tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or next decade, I may not be here. I read this and it sounds kinda sad, but it isn't. We help one another grow as needed. We will never stop being there for one another because true friendships drift, they never cease.

    God I feel like such a downer right now. Maybe you should spank me for being so bad.

    Love Bras
  • okay, I have to ask . . .

    is your icon modeled after someone?


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