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Because I *am* the QNotKU (and you're not)

Mick Jagger is....63?!?!


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Mick Jagger is....63?!?!

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Man. And the Rolling Stones. are doing a North American tour, starting in Boston.

I wonder if the sponsors will be Viagra and Aspercreme?

:runs before Moggy can get her hands on a sharp object:


  • HEY!!! I saw that! :-)
  • I saw the Stones perform in the late 80's/early 90's. At the time, Jagger looked old (and the guitarist looked dead, his animated corpse shambling about the stage). By the time the show was done, though, Jagger looked to be in his early thirties. He was clearly doing the energy-vampire thing with the audience. :-)
    • LOL. The original Lestat. Although I don't think A.R. had him in mind when she visualized her vampire. :snickers:

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