Teri (qnotku) wrote,

Quit Horsing Around!

I mentioned in a post to whitemunin that Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, will be appearing in a run of the play Equus in London.

I also mentioned that I cannot wait for the explosion of fervid fan fiction that's going to erupt from this. Not to mention that some (or hordes of) enterprising fan(s) will take clandestine pictures of young Daniel in all his...er...glory. Oh boy...

I can see it now: Harry flying gloriously naked through the air after having spiked numerous Ravenclaw brooms. Harry gleefully spanks the monkey while Draco and Snape glare impotently (but not for long) from below. Actually, that's probably pretty tame to what some of the HP folks will come up with.

I can't wait.

:rubbing her hands together in anticipation:

Tags: equus. fan fiction, harry potter
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