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Because I *am* the QNotKU (and you're not)

What have we here?


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WITH NINE YOU GET VANYR, coming Winter 2006 from Samhain Publishing

What have we here?

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Just a few things from my Writing folder. Use or abuse as you choose.

Animal Collectives
How about a Shrewdness of Apes? Or a Cowardice of Curs?

Find A Grave
Need to know where your favorite corpses are? Look no further!

Manners & Etiquette
What would Emily Post do?

Need something to rhyme with clock? How about: block, air lock, voting stock, or insulin shock?

Did you know that Watermelon can clear gas -- and is used in treatment for hepatitis?

La Couturiere Parisenne
Fabulous Period Costume site. One of my all-time favorite places.

Lot of interesting stuff about surnames here

19th Century Slang
Don't absquatulate, skedaddle or vamoose before you take some time to look over this site.

Cant (Thieving)
Pick up a little thieving cant before you ask someone to tip you a hog.

50s Slang
Don't be such an actor! Agitate the gravel now!

Victorian London
Warning! You'll get lost in this site!

Substrate Gallery
Just 'cause it's too cool.

Aladdin's Cave for readers

Mirriam Webster Online
Don't leave home without it.

And finally:

Preditors & Editors
Preditors & Editors - it's a bad, sad world out there -- especially for writers. Make sure you're not taken in by bad agents, editors or publishers.

That's all for me today, my lublings. The QNotKU hasn't had sleep for over 36 hours and is hoping she won't end up in the hospital because of certain events that have taken their toll. Be well, write creatively, love lots and eat more chocolate. It's good for you!

huggles to all,
  • Taking them all, except the last cuz I already have it.

    Get some rest, T!! Dayum, how have you functioned being so sleep deprived? Praying you won't end up in the hospital.

    Hugs you - D
    • Finally got some zzz's last night. I take my friendships very seriously, so when one goes bottom-up I tend to take it hard. :shrugs: As another editor friend of mine told me, you gotta grow a thick skin, kid -- because they'll scrape it off you if you don't.

      So....didja get that outline done?

  • *Hugs* Take care of yourself. ♥
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