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Because I *am* the QNotKU (and you're not)

Rambling Monday night thoughts


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Rambling Monday night thoughts

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I was going to write this long and insightful post about being part of the generation that bridges the 20th and 21st century. And I did too.

Boy, did I sound like a pompous ass. *shakes head sadly*

I think instead I'll address some of the silliness the younglings that I deal with on a daily basis seem to have with my age and likes/dislikes.

Dear Younglings (and you know who you are):

Yes, I like rock and roll. I've been listening to it since I was a baby -- why should that change because I'm older? And, YES, I like Dark Wave, Death Metal, Disco, Pop, Classic Rock and everything in-between. According to you, my musical tastes are "weird." I say: "And your point is?"

Yes, I like to game. I've been a gamer since I was young too. I started out with Dungeons & Dragons and I've segued over the years from stand-alone games to Final Fantasy XI online. If you boggle at that, come in game. I'm a BKC and I'm pretty damned good at it.

Yes, I love manga and anime and have for years now. Bishounen boys R Us, baby. (I love it when they run and hide when I say that.)

And, finally, YES I am a fan girl. Heavy duty. Hard core. With engraved drool buckets and a collection of FRUs that would make your eyes pop. And, children? The day I cease to be a fan girl is the day you'll be scattering my ashes over where they used to film Highlander in Vancouver. I'm a horny old broad and my hubby likes me that way. Deal, darlings.

I've discovered in this, my fifth decade: I don't suffer fools gladly, nor stand quiet when I see wrong being done. I'm loud, I'm brash, I'm rude and I'm embarassingly direct. But I am also loyal, generous and when I love, I love with all my heart. Some of you out there know this better than others. :winks at jenboo and whitemunin: (tree220 I don't even count you anymore, you're part of the furniture.)

I've been blessed in that I am finally doing something that I've wanted to do all my life. That would be to write and edit -- a double joy for me. I've had a few rocky starts with some of my authors -- those that I was given when I took the job -- but I've been especially lucky that those authors I've chosen have been total joys to work with. I have a co-author who is closer to me than any sister could ever be. I have a husband that I love and would give my life for.

You know something? Who the hell wants to be a bridge? I'm damned happy as a rowdy old broad. Besides, I'm getting to the age where it won't be long before I can pinch guys' asses with impunity. *rubs hands together in anticipation* Oh, won't DragonCon be FUN then!

Love, Peace and French Vanilla ice cream, y'all,

  • You know, *I'm* going to run when you reach that age. You're scary enough right now. LOL
    Timid hugs,
  • Amen, Sister!

    Sing it loud and proud! :hugs: I'm going to endeavor to follow right in those rowdy, raucous footsteps! I won't be wearing the same shoes, of course, because it would be boring if we all had the same tastes. But I'll be right behind you nonetheless. :winks:
  • Ya know, I have 40 staring me in the face these days, and I'm not all that thrilled about it. But after reading this, I may actually look forward to it. : )
    • Heh. For my 40th, I got the NYC broadway extravaganza, and was treated to Spamalot and Wicked, as well as yummy gourmet food. All on someone else's dime. This made me MUCH happier about my birthday, as you can imagine! :)
  • Good for you!

    As someone who is firmly in the midst of her fourth decade, I now laugh when I see teenagers making their obligatory "But old people don't (insert activity of choice here," and think, "I was you once. I hope you live long enough to find out just how wrong you are." ~waves cane at kiddies~

  • Dang darling, I must have forgotten your medication again, and which idiot left the cage unlocked this time.


    Oh well, Better get the big fishing net out again. I have this lovely padded cell all ready and waiting, done in your favorite blue.

    *Thinks qnotku isn't as bad ass as she likes to think she is especially after seeing grandkid wrap her around her little finger :) *

    Love you too Honey!


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