Teri (qnotku) wrote,

Wagons Ho!

First, apologies for being invisible for so long. My third house has a retrograde Jerry Springer moon, I think. All sorts of catastrophes happening right, left and center, the worst being that hundakleptisis's mom has been in critical condition and on a respirator. She's had to have 3 surgeries within a week and, though finally off the respirator, is still having a lot of problems. It's been an anxious time for us.

On the plus side of life: tomorrow we leave for DragonCon! Woohoo! I'm on several panels in the writing track - some as an editor and some as an author. LOL, if you look at the pocket guide for me, you won't find me in the panels as "Teri Smith." Nope, for some unknown reason, whoever put together the guide decided to list me as "Teri Nutman." *frowns at jmward14* No rude comments from the peanut gallery, y'hear?

Doubtful that I'll post again till after the Dragon -- but I promise full disclosure on everything lilithsaintcrow and quietselkie do at the con. This ain't Vegas, baby. What happens here will be posted for millions to see later. hehehe...

I hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Tags: dragoncon
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