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I'm a Word Nerd!

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And now for my first partial
Rolled out of the apartment and was on the road by 3:30am. Yes. that's right. A.M. Drove through rain, rain, and oh yes, more rain -- all the way to Atlanta. But we stayed pretty much ahead of Ernesto's nastiness, and, aside from a short little thunderstorm when we hit Hotlanta, did pretty well time and driving-wise.
Got to the Hyatt only to find out that the room we'd thought we'd reserved in the International Tower was not available. Seems that FEMA had co-opted quite a few rooms in the Hyatt in anticipation of Ernesto hitting the city. (Um, hello? Don't you guys watch the weather reports? Oh....wait...Katrina, right. No, you don't. Duh.) We ended up in the main tower on the fifth floor. Almost impossible for me, with my cane and difficulty walking to get down or up to and from the lobby. A boatload of raspberries to the Hyatt for lying about their reservations and for not really giving a damn about us folks with handicaps.
Moving on, it was absolutely WONDERFUL to finally meet quietselkie and lilithsaintcrow. Lili and Meli...I wish I could just adopt you both and have you come live with me (in a much bigger place, natch. LOL.)
Note to future con-goers: be prepared to spend bucks if you eat at the Cafe Kobenhabvn at the Hyatt. Also be prepared to hate the food, because it's pretty sucky.

More tomorrow, need to tend to hurty self now. Be well, young jedi.

Tags: dragoncon, hyatt, lilith saintcrow
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