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Because I *am* the QNotKU (and you're not)



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I have pneumonia. Pronounced "pee-new-moan-ya" earlier by my granddaughter in an attempt to cheer me up. *checks* Nope, sorry Bree, didn't work. Dammit.

Anywho, thought I'd drop a line and let folks know I actually am alive, I just feel like a hairball the cat spat out. Finding out that I've been neatly excised from someone's emails, IMs and LJs -- someone who I'd thought was a close friend (and have no clue why she dropped me like a hot potato) -- isn't helping with my depression much either.

Man. I wish I could have a drink. But I can't, so maybe you guys could try and cheer me up? Tell me a funny story or bad joke or something. ANYTHING. I need a smile or two.

Drooping like a wilted petunia,
  • *bleah*

    That should also be `pain au chocolat.' I should have written these down on a bit of paper and looked at them for a while first...
    • Re: *bleah*

      Once a forgetful Brit, always a forgetful Brit. You know something? I'm DYING to meet your wife. Oh the stories she could tell me...

      • Re: *bleah*

        I think the two of you would get on like a house on fire. Unfortunately, when the two of you do meet I'll have to be in another room. Or another building. Or city. Or country...
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