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Because I *am* the QNotKU (and you're not)

Reporting in from the sidelines...


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Reporting in from the sidelines...

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It seems all I do lately when I post to LJ is let folks know I'm still around, but still coping with a lot of physical problems. Am I sick of that? You bet. So this is the only space I'm wasting in it: I'm alive, still haven't had the surgeries yet and in misery from the epidurals they keept giving me in a effort to reduce the pain. Grrrr.

Editor Thoughts

Thesaurus 101: If your heroine can't decide between two lovers, please DO NOT have her oscillate between them. She might vacillate or she might seesaw or even blow hot and cold between them. But oscillate? What is she? An electric fan?

Kiddos,what you've got to think about when you go looking for "different" words to amp up your manuscript is that there is more to a word than just its definition. You need to ask yourself: How do folks use that word in everyday conversations? Does it fit where I want to use it? "Oscillate" is most nearly connected to electric fans nowadays. The mental image a reader might get from: "Valerie didn't know what to do. So she oscillated between Joe and Jack, unable to decide which man was the right one for her", isn't one the author has in mind, I'm sure. As an editor I'm more impressed with authors who use plain ol' every day words in unique and individual ways than writers who must spend hours combing dictionaries and thesauri for some neato oddball word, certain sure that the more they have the more impressed us editors types will be. Um...nope. Use your craniums, children, and your common sense.

Something cool from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75NhFaZyFrA

Be good, everyone. And if you can't: bury the bodies and settle out of court.

  • Did you ever get my e-mails about book editing/Samhain?
  • *giggles* Oscillating fans are very handy. Oscillating heroines? Hmmm. Not quite as exciting, although the imagery is funny. I hope Valerie made the necessary whirrrrrrrr sound as she dithered between Joe and Jack.

    Hope you feel better soon. :)
    • Heh. Mine makes a clicking sound, so I had the mental picture of Valerie turning to Joe (click) then to Jack (click) etc. ;)
      • *snickers* And maybe Valerie has different speeds... Lo, Med and Hi. So as the book progresses, she can pick up the pace and the voila! Suspense is built. :)
    • ~falls over laughing~ That would certainly be an entirely different take on pacing a novel.
    • See? It's smarty-pants readers like you two that makes editors like me look at Valerie oscillating and wince. *grins*

      (BUT...in MY mental image, Valerie clicked as she looked from love to love--and her emotions ran the gamut from low to medium to high as passion revved her motor. Alas and alack, before she could make up her mind on which lover she wanted most, Valerie attended a Chippendales' show and lost her life when she over-oscillated during a rousing rendition of "It's Raining Men". Lest you think this is a sad story, things worked out for Joe and Jack--they found true love with Eureka, an upright gal who could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. She came with great accessories and, to their amazement, was even allergen-free. And the best thing of all is she didn't oscillate</i)! Joe and Jack were finally able to admit that Valerie's clicking and variable speeds had actually been most annoying and would've eventually driven them to drink or, even worse, to put in central air.) *snicker* Teri
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    • Nope -- it was a "sweet" romance, meaning the curtain is drawn before you see the h/h doing the horizontal mambo.

      I'm glad to be able to do a little LJ'ing, thanks! Been missing you too -- both your typeface and your Texan voice. :-)

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      • *sigh* Remember children -- don't do LJ on drugs. You'll just get yourself in deep doo-doo.

        I love you, Meli. I was just testing you to see if you remembered where you live.

        *psychotic grin*

    • hey now...

      In case ya forgot, I'M the Texan girl around these parts!

      So sorry you're feelin' bad, sweetie. I wish I could make it better.

      Shall I get you an oscillating fan? *eg*
  • So that's what `oscillate' means...
    You take care, hear?

    big hugs

    • Sorry, Dave! I forgot that in England "to oscillate" means to share your lunch with a hedgehog.

      Teddibly sorry old chap!

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