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Because I *am* the QNotKU (and you're not)

Calling all Qnotku groupies


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Calling all Qnotku groupies

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Being the biggest Qnotku groupies of them all we're collecting all stories and any novel chat that Teri might have sent out to folks with regard to maybe getting them finished and put up into a book(s) for print post-humorously. Because we all believe Teri should be getting more kudos for her work that just one novel.

So if you have anything like that I'd be really really grateful if you could forward the emails, stories to me at


Any little snippets at all that you have will be gratefully received since we want this to be pure Teri for as much as we can.

Many Thanks

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    • That great meli thanks... send it along and I'll put it with the other stuff,

      Fairy godmotherz really is one that should have been published.


      I'll go hunt down the josiah ones too, LOL Teri has stuff everywhere :)

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